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Water's Edge Experts

With our offices located in the Clear Lake Area, we have been privileged to build many spectacular pools along the water's edge.  With projects dotted up and down the Texas Gulf Coast, we have years of experience with lakeside, bayside, canal, and beachfront swimming pool construction.

While these settings provide for stunning end results, the process is challenging.  Any pool built on the water brings with it unique soil conditions and structural issues.  We have specialized in these types of builds for many years and have established ourselves as an expert in waterfront construction.

Just as a home built near the water may need additional underground support, so does your pool.  We design all our water front projects with extreme care and caution.  Leaning heavily on structural engineering and long experience, we can design a structure that is built to last.

The Process
  • We design your swimming pool and decking areas based on your needs and wants. 

  • We order a soils test from a geotechnical soil boring company.  A specialized engineer will review the soil test and make recommendations for strucutral support.

  • We pass on our pool design plans along with the soils report to a State Certified Structural Engineer for review.

  • The engineer will provide us with very detailed plans and specifications based on his calculations and your property's soil bearing capacities.

  • We construct the pool with all recommended pilings, piers, beams, steel schedules, retaining walls, etc.

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